JKBOSE Class 10 English Instant Notes PDF Download

JKBOSE Class 10 English Notes PDF Download

Download JKBOSE Class 10 English Tulip Series Notes. All the Units of JKBOSE Class 10 English includes Prose, Poetry, Short Stories and Drama are all given below with their Explaination, Summary and Text Questions. Get all PDF Instant Notes of all the units of English for the student of JKBOSE. If you have any dout or you need any notification regarding any issue then you can go to main site www.jkbose.nic.in to check issue regarding Examination, Results or any notification.

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Jkbose Class 10 english Notes

JKBOSE Class 10th English PDF Unitwie Notes


Footprints Without Feet - It is a legend of a man named Griffin, who was finding among others ways to make man invisible with which he could escape from everywhere. Then one unfortunate day, he succeeded in getting the formula that could make him invisible. The story in summary, "Footprints Without Feet", tells us about an invisible man whom nobody can see but who is felt physically by touching.

An Excellent Father - 
An Excellent Father is a sample sentence selected from the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen. The scene is derived from the beginning where Mr. Bingley, a rich man, leaves Netherfield Park for the first time in numerous years. Mrs. Bennet, a mother of five to none, is unquestionably thrilled by the news and eager to seek a match for her girls.

From the Dairy of Young Girl - From The Diary of a Young Girl is about Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who went into hiding with her family during the World War II periods. It is a striking portrait of a growing girl pushed to a limit but facing the challenge becoming stronger.

Long Walk to Freedom - In this autobiography Nelson Mandela, Namibia's first liberator President, first published by Little Brown & Co. in 1994 it portrays his early life, schooling, graduation from law school and the difficult journey he endured while he was imprisoned for 27 years.

The Sermon At Banares - This story portrays the early life of buddha who gave up all the comforts he enjoyed and left them behind to search for nirvana. In the end, he spent seven years of walking here and there until he could achieve enlightenment underneath a Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya.

Pappachi's Moth -  Pappachi’s Moth is an extract from the book "The God of Small Things" composed by Arundhati Roy. It is a story centered on Pappachi, the grandfather and his toxic masculinity in a very patriarchal setting.

The Merchant of Venice - 
The Merchant of Venice play begins with Antonio, the Christian Venetian trader, sitting in a state of melancholy. Finally, all of his friends try their best to comfort him but couldn't . In conclusion, Antonio will be visited by his friend Bassanio who will ask to borrow money. Therefore, Antonio has all his money tied up on his ships.

Prayer - Prayer is written in Urdu by Kashmiri Poet G.A. Mehjoor and translated into English by Prof. G.A. Malik. The poem begins by invoking Allah. In this poem, the poet is praying to Allah for guidance and to gain knowledge. He also prayed Him to keep him away from bad things.

Maracles - Miracles is a poem about noticing all that is around us and seeing the miraculous in it. Whitman's poem is about grasping the opportunity and appreciating all the amazing things, both large and small, that are usually missed by many. They would be the stars in the sky or meal time with loved ones.

Speakup - The poem “Speak Up” written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz is a great representation of an attempt to rebel against the oppressive conditions. It is a poem of a great meaning and of courage that is intended to give voice to the voiceless. It invites the reader to be circumspect and articulate honestly what he thinks and believes.

Snowdrop - Snowdrop, a short poem by the English poet Ted Hughes, tells about how the winter landscape affects animals as individuals and collectively. The weasel, the mouse, and the crow all stand together in the face of frost and darkness, while it is the snowdrop, a flower with a human spirit, who thrives best among the winter conditions.

My Mother at Sixty Six - The poem actually celebrates the deep emotional attachment that a daughter can have with her mother. 'My Mother at Sixty-Six' Summary draws the attention of the narrator to the fear of the time when she will be separated from her mother since she is too close to old age.

At Evening wet with Rain - The poem “An Evening wet with Rain” authored by Ved Pal Deep, one of the renowned Dogri writers depicts a complete silence, atmosphere In order to mark the deep sense of silence and isolation, the poet constantly quotes the natural scene which surrounds him. The poet is in a sad mood. He is disappointed by the fact that the time gone is not back.

The Tale of Custard the Dragon - "The Tale of Custard the Dragon" is a poem for children written by Ogden Nash. It tells the tale of a dragon named Custard, who is a coward but lives amongst some very fierce animals. When a pirate comes to their house to rob them, everyone thinks that Custard would fight back, but he hides from the World.

Last Lesson of the Afternoon - "The Last Lesson of the Afternoon" is a composition by D H Lawrence. It depicts a teacher's longings and the hopelessness of his job and the students. Consequently, the line shows the feelings of the teacher who is unhappy with his job.

From I Explain a Few Things - The poem was written by a poet of the last century called Pablo Neruda. It entails the Spanish Civil War, and the wreckage it caused. The utter sadness of that part was stressful and full of vivid detail.

The Neclace - The story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant shows us a symbol of Mathilde's better life as well as greed and fake status. The theme of the story explains us the consequences of selfishness and materialism which can bring a very hard and unsatisfying life.

Bholi - Bholi is the story by K.A. Abbas. The plot seems to focus on a girl who, after a fall that led to an illness in her infancy, finds herself dully and ugly. She will always be the butt of the jokes from everyone who believes she is not nice looking nor smart enough.

Abhiley - The 'Abhiley' is a story by Abdul Ghani Sheikh. It tells the story of an old lady called ‘Abhiley’, her trial in this modern society. The story in my opinion excellently depicts her emotions as the change to what she had known all along. This is the rewritten article by Ravina Aggarwal on the subject.

Out of Business - Out of Business is story written by R.K.Narayanan. It speaks about how looking for the easy way out is not an option at all, it neither can replace your hard work nor can it be fruitful for you in any way.

The Servant - The short story ‘The Servant’ written by S T Semyonov. It is the tale of a lad who comes from a peasant class. The book is presented in the four chapters and it tells his life and what takes place after he takes up the job in the city of Moscow.

Dusk - Dusk is a short story by one of the famous writers of all time, Saki. It is a synthesis of his/her contemplations after meeting a stranger and the effect of that particular incident on his/her life.

The Proposal - The Proposal is a romantic drama concerning Ivan Lomov, who is a neighbour. He has a land and often borrows from Chuhukovs other landowner. Chubukov, a father, has a daughter who is called Natalya. Lomov went to Chubukov to talk about marriage, about his daughter Natalya.
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