Footprints Without Feet Summary and Text Questions | JKBOSE Class 10th English

Footprints Without Feet  Class 10 Notes Summary and Text Questions

JKBOSE Class 10 English Lesson Footprints Without Feet  Summary and Text Questions. Get the all detailed Questions for JKBOSE Class 10 Footprints Without Feet for the Students of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Footprints Without Feet  Class 10 Notes

Summary of Footprints Without Feet 

Footprints Without Feet is an excerpt from the renowned 1897 novel The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. The story centers around Griffin, a scientist who discovers a method to render a person's body invisible, leading to his adventures. Griffin faces numerous challenges throughout his journey, yet consistently finds solutions to overcome them. The narrative commences when two boys observe muddy footprints, created by bare feet, on the steps of a London house.

These impressions detail the accomplishments of Griffin, a brilliant scientist who uncovers the secret to bodily invisibility. They shed light on Griffin's endeavors. Ultimately, he explores various avenues, even consuming rare substances to achieve transparency. The chapter and the novel paint him as a rule-defying individual. His landlord seeks to evict him due to his lack of invisibility when with him.

In response, Griffin sets his house ablaze and vanishes. Subsequently, amidst winter, he opts to become a homeless vagabond, given the discomfort of wandering unclothed in the cold. He enters a large London store, dons clothing, indulges in food and wine, and comfortably rests on a pile of quilts. Upon oversleeping the following morning, he eludes store employees by shedding his clothes, thus reacquiring invisibility.

He then seeks refuge in a theatrical shop, camouflaging himself with its inventory. Additionally, he resorts to knocking down a shopkeeper and pilfering money. Prior to departing London, he secures two rooms at a local inn in the village of Iping. His appearance and tardiness surprise everyone. Though his landlady extends warmth, he shuns interaction, explaining his intent to isolate himself. Consequently, she attributes his eccentricity to prepayment of rent. As Griffin's ill-gotten funds dwindle, he feigns anticipation of a check to cover his rent.

Following these events, noises awaken a clergyman and his wife. Discovering a missing desk and funds, they investigate. The next morning, Mr. and Mrs. Hall find the scientist's house door ajar and proceed to examine his belongings.

Suddenly, a sniff near her ear startles Mrs. Hall, and Griffin's hat strikes her face. While the landlord and landlady are absent, a bedroom chair becomes animated, expelling them and sealing the door. Observing her mother's furniture come alive distresses Mrs. Hall, who holds Griffin responsible for summoning malevolent spirits. The anomalous behavior is attributed to witchcraft. The clergyman's residence is burglarized, and Griffin surfaces with a considerable sum of money.

Eventually, the village constable intervenes. Mrs. Hall discusses the peculiar furniture behavior with Griffin, prompting his anger and unveiling. Instantly, the onlookers witness a motionless man as he discards his disguises. As Griffin's visibility fluctuates, eluding the police becomes progressively challenging. Ultimately, he is subdued but escapes by reinstating his invisibility.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the narrative, it is recommended to explore H.G. Wells' original novel The Invisible Man.

Text Question Answer of Footprints Without Feet 

Question: 1 
Ans:  Griffin achieved success as a scientist by conducting various experiments to demonstrate the human body's invisibility. He eventually discovered a rare drug that rendered the body transparent like glass.

Question: 2 
Ans:  The two boys observed indistinct footprints of a person who seemed barefoot, though there was no visible person. The footprints gradually faded away and then vanished entirely, captivating the boys.

Question: 3
Ans:  After breaking open containers, he located warm clothing, including shoes, an overcoat, and a hat. He consumed food and beverages such as meat, coffee, sweets, and wine. Subsequently, he reclined on a stack of quilts to sleep.

Question: 4
Ans:  Griffin hurriedly left the store, prompting the shop's staff to pursue him. He swiftly removed his attire, becoming invisible and evading capture, thus effecting his escape.

Question: 5
Ans:  He procured garments for himself, along with bandages to wrap around his forehead. He acquired dark glasses, a false nose, and a sizable hat. Following this, he assaulted the shopkeeper, taking off with his money.

Question: 6
Ans:  The stranger arrived at the village inn during the winter season, an uncommon occurrence due to the inn's typical lack of visitors. Additionally, his appearance was peculiar, making his arrival even more remarkable.

Question: 7
Ans:  The stranger sported bandages on his forehead, donned dark glasses, featured a false nose, and had substantial bushy whiskers. He capped off his ensemble with a broad-brimmed hat.

Question: 8
Ans:  Griffin arrived at the inn during the winter season, a time when very few people visited. He consistently wore bandages on his forehead and refrained from engaging with others, leading Mrs. Hall to believe he was a peculiar scientist.

Question: 9 
Ans:  The sound of money was audible. present was no one present when they opened the door.But the cash was gone.As a result, it was an odd incident.

Question: 10
Ans:   The scientist's door was always closed. However, the landlord's wife and husband were startled to discover the door wide open one morning.They were therefore taken aback.

Nobody was in the room, according to Mrs. Hall. However, she felt a sniff near her ear. A hat suddenly leaped up and slammed into her face.The pair was finally forced out of the room by a chair that finally lifted into the air.

Question: 11
Ans:   When Mrs. Hall entered Griffin's room, a chair leaped to the floor and slammed into her.She believed that her mother's ghost had moved into the chair. Gryphon, however, was responsible for all of it.

Question: 12 
Ans: He shrugged off his bandages and took off his glasses, artificial nose, and whiskers.He now had a headless appearance.The people in the bar were shocked when they saw him.

Question: 13 
Ans: The cop made an effort to apprehend the scientist. who gradually removed each of his clothing to become invisible. He began to strike the constable, who was oblivious to the blows and collapsed unconscious.

Question: 14 
Ans: The scientist's chamber was empty and locked, as Mrs. Hall had observed.She asked him how he had gotten into the locked door when she later observed him leaving the same room. He lost his cool at this and started acting violently.
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