From The Dairy Of Young Girl Summary and Text Questions | JKBOSE Class 10th English

From The Dairy Of Young Girl Summary and Text Questions Class 10th English

From The Dairy Of Young Girl

From The Dairy Of Young Girl Summary and Textbook Question Answers for class 10th English Students of Jammu and Kashmir State board of School Education. Get all study material Notes of JKBOSE for all classes but in this article is written about Class 10th Tulip Series English Prose From The Dairy Of Young Girl Summary and Textbook Question Answers.

Summary From The Dairy Of Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s thirteenth birthday became special, as it was the day her dad gave her a diary. She simply loves the thought of sharing all of her secret thoughts, her fears and dreams with that individual, or the thing, so she is delighted. Female adolescents, like RenĂ©e, have a vibrant social interactions, yet rarely do they feel understood and cared for by the people surrounding them. Anne starts with her routine, thinks about something, marks the final grades in the books, tries to guess the unlogged feelings of the guys, she has something jotted down. And after a couple months, her life is in a complete turnaround.

Germans occupied Holland and the Franks family dreads of their killings. Following her older sister, Margot, being called to a meeting with the authorities, which would surely be a prelude to being sent to a concentration camp, Anne and her family became fugitives from the Nazis. Of course, they set up shop there in a small corner of Anne’s father’s building and behind a bookshelf that hides in a bookcase which swings open like a secret door. The neat drawing of the building compound and under-the-stairs cottage is complemented by the Thursday, July 9, 1942 entry which displays the layout.

Normally, for such a long time they live in the Secret Annex. Mrs. and Mr. van Daan and their son (Peter, who is a few years older than Anne) stay with them in the secret shelter too. In the later part of the story, Mr. Dussel, who is a dentist and elderly ends up being the roommate of Anne. Anne's coming of age is spent isolated from the getting-out-of-the-prison-camp atmosphere. She’s huddled up in those fleeting solitary rooms, squeezing through passages sidewards and almost succumbing to the jitters from the shakes and rattles off the explosions, guns, and shells at night.

Luckily, the Franks have been supplied with huge piles of reading material and a radio. Anne`s intellectual journey is also a fascinating aspect of her life as she closely examines the field of literature and politics and she produces a great deal of literary works such as letters, essays, and journals. Meanwhile, the further occurs between Anne and the other members of the Annex because of her involvement in the Annex.

It is also very notable that there is a shift in Anne that occurs as she visits the attic with Peter. Meanwhile, she is having dreams where she meets her beloved boy (who was named Peter, as well), Peter Schiff. She has her problems with her brothers, especially when she mixes the two Peters in her mind.

She glances at Peter, not just as a friend, but as more than that. A sensitive and caring man was what she liked the most, and they also shared thoughts about sex while talking. Eventually, their relationship changes. Anne and Peter feel their passion turning into friendliness and the place where they will find peace.

Finally, when the war was nearing its end, another huge event in Anne's life took place. She hears that private accounts, like, for instance, her diary, will come into vogue and will most definitely be in high demand after the war is over. There appears a shift in her emotions as earlier destiny to optimism about the return of her health leads her towards editing her diary with vigor and enthusiasm.

However, it does not have to be this way. And at the same time as Anne's sensitivity to the suffering in the world begin to keenly perceive her own personal sadness. She consumes her, feels completely alone. She feels that they all literally hate her. She feels constantly criticized. And this brings about a soul-crushing feeling that there is no escape. There comes a time when she suspects that it would have been better not to survive all this by their family hiding in the Annex. However, when Anne tries to be harsh on others, she is also harder on herself and harshly criticizes herself even for being mean to the rest of the Annex members.

There her diary ends. Only two months after Anne’s birthday party, which she celebrated together with her dear friend, goodbye from her young friend, he made his last diary entry, the Secret Annex is raided. We don’t see Anne’s eyes or hear her thoughts and feelings at any moment or even later, but we see it got so much worse.

You might have certainly heard that Anne and several other Annex occupants were transported to various concentration camps. It was Anne’s father, Otto Frank, who was the single one to stay alive.

Text Questions Answers From The Dairy Of Young Girl by Anne Frank

Question 1
Ans: No, Anne was right in her demand that only an adult would be ready to accept the incidences from a teenage girl. Its publication was under the title of "The Diary of a Young Girl" in 1952. It was not only translated from the book’s original language of Dutch into many languages, but it also achieved the title of being one of the most well-read books on the planet. Besides them is an opera, several films, television and theatrical productions, and the Diary, which are also based on her works. And in doing so, she proved her wrong about it.

Question 2
Ans: The book diary of Anne Frank had been originally written in Dutch.

Question 3
Ans: Anne's family background should be covered so briefly in her diary as she thinks few readers can understand the details of her narration; so there is a high possibility that they will lose interest in her stories. She, in contrast, is said to have penned down a brief account of her life, although she had a dislike for the same. Shaw invites "Kitty" to become the most trusted friend of the narrator by calling the animal one and sharing her deepest thoughts and feelings with it.

Question 4
Ans: Anne considers her father to be the nabelicious father ever. She is extremely attached to her grandmother’s love. She can talk about her grandmother for endless hours after the death of the latter, in January 1942. Before Anne walked over to the school of which she said her farewell in a heartbroken and emotional manner. This woman was the one who minded and was in charge of the school where Anne was a pupil up to 6th class. First, she is very much Anne’s companion. She has a good humour, and she is very kind to her students, but she is not as timid at the end of the year to bid a very heartfelt goodbye to the class. Mr Keesing specifically is described as a classic old-fashioned teacher, who offers challenging tasks and expects his students to be fully engaged. She is really mad at him, as he has been for her old habit of chattering.

Question 5
Ans: In her first essay, the topic was "A Chatterbox". She wanted to come up with ironclad reasons to justify arguing about it.. She analyzed and wrote about a couple of pages on this subject. She contended that speaking was a student's quality, and she promised not to let it overwhelm her. Besides, she asserted she could not stop the habit because her mother talked as much as she did. After Mr Keesing had read them, he could not hold the laugh at these arguments.

Question 6
Ans: Yes, Mr Keesing is uncommon in the way he lets Anne talk in the class. He gives Anne a writing assignment about "A Chatterbox" because of her excessive classroom talking. Anne goes on and presents three pages of persuasive remarks, supporting the idea of talking. By giving the essay to Mr Keesing, Anne hopes he will now let her give voice in the class. Nevertheless, he directs her to the second paper: "An incorrigible Chatterbox". But it is only when Mr Keessing gives the third assignment about the essay "Quack Quack Quack says Mistress Chatterbox," that he allows Anne to speak in class.
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